janus 启动问题
发布于:2019-12-12 16:21   编辑:admin 

[email protected]:/home/dong/janus-src/janus-gateway# /opt/janus/bin/janus -configs-folder=/opt/janus/etc/janus
Janus commit: 5aab9f03f57060eb6ba29150f132f248a4f24e0a
Compiled on:  Fri Dec  6 17:07:07 CST 2019

Logger plugins folder: /opt/janus/lib/janus/loggers

[FATAL] [janus.c:main:3882]  Couldn't access logger plugins folder...
  Starting Meetecho Janus v0.8.0

Checking command line arguments...
Debug/log level is 4
Debug/log timestamps are disabled
Debug/log colors are enabled
Adding 'vmnet' to the ICE ignore list...
Using as local IP...
[WARN] Token based authentication disabled
Initializing recorder code
Initializing ICE stuff
TURN REST API backend:

[WARN] Janus is deployed on a private address but you didn't specify any STUN server! Expect trouble if this is supposed to work over the internet and not just in a LAN...
Crypto: OpenSSL pre-1.1.0
[WARN] The libsrtp installation does not support AES-GCM profiles
[FATAL] [dtls.c:janus_dtls_srtp_init:388] DTLS certificate and key must be specified


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